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Dysmenorrhea is Painful Period

Posted by Tabitha Fennell on 27 April 2017
Dysmenorrhea is Painful Period

Let's not put up with painful periods every month ladies, life is too full to have to deal with that every month.

Chinese herbs and acupuncture are right up there with moving this condition... So Why?

Well the herbs and the acupuncture make a powerful team that move blood stagnation and cold within the uterus or help build blood in the uterus. Yes, there can be a few reasons why you are experiencing this condition, TCM understands the body and why these conditions occur. So we use the herbs after ovulation and up to and during your period. We then use the acupuncture during your period for pain relief and after your period has finished to help regulate the Liver Qi and move the cold and stagnation out of your uterus, or to help build the blood within the uterus. These treatments will help regulate your uterus and allow the free flow of the menstrual blood when released at the time of your period. 

When is it best to start treatment?

Anytime of your cycle is the best time, we will naturally work with where your body is at but really the sooner the better. 

The treatment of acupuncture will continue until you get your next period and we can assess the pain reduction and adjust your treatment protocol but with the herbs they can be taken up to 4-6 months or 12 months if you have endometriosis.  


You need to move your Liver Qi and this entails cardio work outs at least three times a week, yes those ones that make you sweat and your heart pump fast (30 minutes at least.) Yoga stimulates the qi of your meridians so this will also help the liver and uterus. Keeping away from foods that stir your liver up is also needed. So clear out your cupboards of refined sugar products, coffee, alcohol and hot spicy meals. Adding over a litre of water a day and some magnesium will also help. Laughter moves Qi so add that in regularly throughout your day.

Best Tabitha



Author: Tabitha Fennell
About: Acupuncturist and Director of Studio Qi
Tags: acupuncture pain relief relief PMT period hormones headache stress uterus Liver Gold Coast PMS women's health

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