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How acupuncture can help let down your milk

Posted by Tabitha Fennell on 28 April 2016

So your milk still hasn't come down fully, or at all, several days after the birth of your baby. Well this is where an acupuncture treatment will come in handy as it's so effective with getting your milk flowing.

After you have a treatment we will show you how your partner, husband, or family member can do acupressure on GB21 and bladder channel points, to further enhance the milk to come down when the baby first goes on the breast. This is a very effective way to help the milk let down and a lovely feeding technique for the mother to have done to her as well. Watch our video on how to locate and stimulate these points...

How Acupuncture works...

There are a few reasons in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) why your milk may not be flowing as well as it should. The biggest one being a mum who is tired or a bit worried and anxious. All this stress stops your milk from flowing, it can really be an intense time during the early days of motherhood, so much is going on that is new especially for the first time mums and these feelings are totally normal. Acupuncture will reduce your stress levels and there are points, that when activated, will send qi (chi) down which encourages your milk to follow. Where these points are situated will also release any tight neck and shoulder muscles and this also influences the milk to flow.

Secondly, average to severe blood loss during your birth can also be another reason why your milk is not coming down or in less quantities. So we use blood and qi (chi) building points along with moxa to enhance blood production which will give your body the energy and blood volume to make milk. 


Getting a friend or family member to make up an organic chicken stock (link to our recipe) for you to sip on like tea throughout the day will also build milk. Lots of water at least 2 litres a day, small sips throughout the day is best for good hydration and rest is especially important. My biggest tip: sleep when the baby does especially during the day. We also have some Chinese herbs to help build qi (chi) and blood which helps your body produce more milk while perfectly safe for your baby. Capsuling your placenta which is an old tradition is now a real technique which you can get done professionally, usually by a local midwife. This will give you, the mother, amazing vitality as it is packed with nutrients, helping your body with the energy you need to produce quality milk. If you are stressed by all this newness of being a mum tell the ones you love and enlist them in helping out with the household duties so you can concentrate on being the mum you want to be. Try and laugh at the joy and craziness of your new life and this will get those endorphins flowing or a good cry can help release built up emotions. Take care of you first and then the baby will reap the benefits of a happy content mum.


Best Tabitha

Author: Tabitha Fennell
About: Acupuncturist and Director of Studio Qi
Tags: acupuncture nourishing milk let down breast feeding hormones Gold Coast health

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