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Old stuck injuries that never quite feel right

Posted by Tabitha Fennell on 15 November 2016
Old stuck injuries that never quite feel right

It's amazing how a few acupuncture points, some moxa or heat lamp will move an old injury to a new level of, better.

So how does acupuncture do this? ...

Easy, when there is trauma in the body, either muscles, bones, tendons or skin, there will be stagnation, scar tissue, with minor or major tears, swelling and inflammation.

So acupuncture moves the blood and oxygen deep into these areas of past trauma, dissolving the inflammation, swelling and scar tissue which will encourage the bodies natural healing ability to kick in. This allows the body to heal further, so simple but so effective. It doesn't matter how old the injury is, so if it starts to ache or hurt again then acupuncture is your relief.

My story...

As you might know I broke my ankle twelve and a bit months ago and I have given it many treatments of acupuncture over those months. So it's healed really well and feels like a normal ankle with minimal aching which is so brilliant, so of late I have reduced the treatments to fortnightly.

So I was at a friends birthday party on the weekend and I danced "my head off", so to speak, so much fun!!! My ankle felt great while I was dancing but in the morning it felt a little stiff with a slighter thicker ankle, this didn't phase me as I knew it was just my body coping with the extra movement and it was letting me know there was still some healing there to do. I had an acupuncture treatment with heat from the heat lamp and then loads of liniment throughout the day and the stiffness and thickness dispersed. So over the next week or so I'll keep needling it to make sure that the inflammation clears and doesn't get stuck, causing extra grief. Old injuries can resurface and when they do it's just the body trying to heal at a deeper level. Nurturing the old injury is crucial to your happiness and it's healing.

Acupuncture moves stagnation and relaxes muscles and tendons like no other. So don't put up with old injuries, think acupuncture!

Best, Tabitha

Author: Tabitha Fennell
About: Acupuncturist and Director of Studio Qi
Tags: acupuncture swelling bruising healing pain relief injury aches fluid retention shoulder knee neck exhausted energy pain health

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