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Severe itchy skin while pregnant

Posted by Tabitha Fennell on 17 March 2016

Sometimes during pregnancy and especially in the third trimester we can develop a condition that makes our skin itch for no apparent reason. This itch can be very severe and can drive us crazy with little to help soothe it.

Lucky we have acupuncture and a very special ear point that is exactly for this specific condition and it works like magic, stopping the itch in its tracks.

So why does this happen?

When we are pregnant our body naturally heats up and if your constitution before being pregnant was one of heat (highly passionate, leading a stressful or busy life, suffering from PMT and a short fuse), this can cause your body to be already over heated.  Plus you might have loved coffee, hot spicy foods and refined sugar with not enough water intake. All these things in Traditional Chinese Medicine cause the body to heat up and with being pregnant the body gets so hot that it releases this heat in a form of red itching skin. Though in saying that we have seen cases with very healthy lifestyles who still suffer with this condition, but the one common factor which is always present is inner heat symptoms and stress in varying degrees. We also see if you are on certain types of medications like any forms of steroids, as this can heat up the liver and your body, causing the itch to manifest on your skin.

How does acupuncture help?

So the heat stirs the liver and gallbladder up to make a wind that travels in the channels reaching the skin with heat, redness and intense itching. Acupuncture's forte is one of cooling and releasing wind, taking the itch away. We do this by picking acupuncture points that release heat, soothe and cool the affected organs, usually the Liver and Gallbladder, while adding in the ear point as mentioned above, it's fabulous for this condition as it eases the heat and itch dramatically. 


Try to keep away from the above mentioned foods and beverages plus getting some help with your stress or busy lifestyle will also help your body cool down. Acupuncture as we all know is a fabulous tool to have in your life if you are stressed, as its calming and balancing effect is instant. Try having more bland foods and small amounts of cooling foods such as cucumber and watermelon, these can help soothe the liver. Peppermint tea will help as it gently cools and disperses the internal heat. Gentle exercise is also good at moving the firery liver Qi, so swimming is perfect. Applying aleo vera to the itching skin will also help but if you're using gels make sure it doesnt have alcohol in it as this will defeat the purpose. Aloe fresh out of the garden is best. Giving perfumes and skin lotions away may also be a good idea.

Don't suffer with this itch, see an acupuncturist soon.

Best Tabitha


Author: Tabitha Fennell
About: Acupuncturist and Director of Studio Qi
Tags: acupuncture pregnancy itching relief

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