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So you have had your baby...well done to you

Posted by Tabitha Fennell on 4 February 2017
So you have had your baby...well done to you

So you have had your baby... Well done to you

How exciting, it's such a magical time full of happiness and joy with a touch of tiredness at times.  

So how can Acupuncture & Chinese herbs help you?  

Blood loss during your birth

If you have had a loss of blood to any degree during your birth then our Chinese Herbs and our 10 day Moxa treatment can help build it up again along with your energy. These herbs and moxa do not interfere with the baby, in fact they will also help with milk production as they build your Qi & Blood. Check out our Chicken Broth Recipe as this is a simple must do to get loads of nutrients into your system to build blood. In Chinese medicine a deficiency of blood can lead to fatigue, mood swings and if it's not taken care of in the early days it can lead to long term energy lows. Rest is also key here, so when baby sleeps during the day please sleep as well.  At least 1 1/2 litres of water a day, which is consumed preferably by 3pm this will help hydrate you, build blood and therefor more milk flow. A great thing to do is always drink water while you're breast feeding.

Clarity & Energy Boost

Acupuncture moves any stagnation within the body while building and moving those internal organs back to balance, hence giving you more clarity & energy.

Aching back & shoulders

This can happen due to the repetitive nature of breast feeding, burping, rocking and cuddling your new born. That back certainly gets over used and can become quite tight or weak. Acupuncture will release those tight muscles, relaxing them with a surge of blood and oxygen, giving you instant relief. Water again is important for your muscle to stay relaxed and hydrated.

Simple slow regular shoulder and back stretches are helpful and remember your trusty heat wheat pack and any sort of heating balm to apply when those muscles are feeling tight. The heat will naturally allow the blood to hydrate and relax your muscles.

Lack of sleep leading to over emotional states

Motherhood is full of sleepless nights and this will change but in those early weeks if you're not getting enough sleep due to breast feeding and a restless Bub then some acupuncture would be the thing to give you back some relaxation and sanity. Plus if Bub has a treatment too, this can also settle them down for a better night's sleep.

At times you may feel overwhelmed by all this newness and you may find yourself anxious, fatigued, a little down or even depressed, so it's important to catch this early and reach out to those around you. I know from personal experience that trying to hide that you are not coping doesn't work but in fact makes it harder to bounce back to your usual self.

I do know one thing though, acupuncture & Chinese herbs can really help stabilize your head space and alleviate those not so good feelings.  

Repetitive headaches or migraines

Because you may be breast feeding and if you don't want to use western drugs, then acupuncture will move headaches and migraines. How... by moving the areas of tightness in your neck and shoulders and balancing your liver and hormonal system. More water and sleep is also usually needed.

Enjoy this time and if things are not quite right seek help soon.

Much nurturing, Tabitha





Author: Tabitha Fennell
About: Acupuncturist and Director of Studio Qi
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