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So You're Pregnant - Energy Fatigue can happen in all trimesters

Posted by Tabitha Fennell on 28 January 2016
So You're Pregnant - Energy Fatigue can happen in all trimesters

In the first trimester it is common to feel "bone tired". You may start to experience this as early as the second month but it can hit you at any time and especially in the third trimester, this is all normal of course as your body is making a baby.

My biggest tip:

Don't try to fight this fatigue as it will win and make you even more tired. In Chinese Medicine being pregnant is a Yin time, a time to be nurtured and to slow down a little. So taking naps when you can is the simplest thing to do to help manage fatigue. Keeping up exercise is a great thing but no extremes. So if you run 2km a week slow it down to half, less or even a good power walk, especially if you feel your body doesn't have the energy to maintain what you were previously doing. Walking, swimming and gentle yoga is the best type of exercise as this keeps the blood and oxygen flowing to your organs and growing baby, without exhausting your already tired being. But in saying that if the exercise that you are doing makes you more tired then don't do it. This is a time to follow your body and how it feels, impeccably. Every woman is different and fatigue can hit at any time. So don't despair, think acupuncture! At any time throughout your pregnancy acupuncture is a great way to boost your energy.

So how does acupuncture help your energy levels? Well for those who don't know it's a deeply relaxing experience, as your body relaxes all your internal organs are being re-balanced and flooded with extra blood and oxygen, which will help with your tiredness. It improves digestion and absorption rates of your nutrients, while helping to build blood and regulating your hormonal system.  After acupuncture you will find you have a better nights sleep, a deep sleep which will help your energy build. You will feel a new sense of relaxation and this in itself will bounce your energy levels up.

Add this to your diet and watch your energy come alive:

Get some Organic chicken broth on the boil (click here to see our broth recipe) it's a great energy booster, with just a half to one cup per day. Broth is loaded with nutrients and protein, it's also good for improving your stomach flora. This will build your blood and energy levels.

Fatigue hits everyone at different times during pregnancy so go and get some acupuncture to feel the difference.

Something that has been observed to increase energy in the last month of pregnancy, plus reduce intervention during childbirth and giving you deep relaxation, or just a change of state to bring on labour is a thing us Acupuncturists call "doing the four weeks" of acupuncture. Receiving this leading up to your due date is so beneficial. 

I hope this gives you some simple tips and that you find yourself a great Acupuncturist to support you through your pregnancy. If you are on the Gold Coast then we are here to help. 

Best Tabitha


Author: Tabitha Fennell
About: Acupuncturist and Director of Studio Qi
Tags: fatigue acupuncture birth broth gut flora rest digestion hormones exhausted Gold Coast business women body women's health

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