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You have come off the pill but your cycle is still not right

Posted by Tabitha Fennell on 21 July 2016
You have come off the pill but your cycle is still not right

There's a lot going on in the body when we first go off the pill. All of a sudden we want our body to produce certain hormones so our cycle flows, this for most bodies is a huge shock and can take many months to get the cycle flowing normally by itself again. We go on the pill for many reasons other than not wanting to fall pregnant, often these symptoms will come back as soon as the pill is out of your body. So periods that are irregular, arrive every two weeks, painful due to endometriosis or generally painful because of flooding and cramping, and periods that don't come at all. Any of these may be interrupting you from falling pregnant or leading a normal happy, pain free life. A lot of the time the mental and emotional strain of PMS can be enough to make you want to go straight back on that pill.

So don't wait for too long to visit an acupuncturist if your period goes back to it's normal naughty habits, as acupuncture and Chinese herbs are just so amazing at regulating and balancing our hormonal system.

How does Acupuncture regulate your cycle? ...

Acupuncture moves the liver Qi, this is a big organ that helps break down and moves hormones around the body. There are many specific points on your body that help with balancing your hormonal system, some help the period arrive or to enhance ovulation and build quality eggs. There are specific points for heavy, painful and light periods, and to bring that period back. Acupuncture is very good at moving blood and Qi stagnation that will be causing the pain of the period or if there isn't enough blood then it will help build the uterus blood, hence reducing the pain. We find out what is going on specific to you and your cycle by a thorough diagnosis on your first session. Overall acupuncture will reduce any PMS symptoms from emotional ups and downs to sore breasts, acne, bloating, anger and headaches. Acupuncture simply does this by balancing your hormonal system.

Tips for getting your cycle balanced ...

Cardiovascular exercise has to be at the top of your list here, at least 4 times a week as this moves the liver Qi and gets those hormones flowing or broken down to where they should be. I'm talking exercise that gets you sweating and your heart rate up for at least 30 to 45 minutes, the more PMS you have the more your body is screaming for you to move. I know, sounds simple, and it is tricky to fit into our lifestyles but this will make a difference and it's free.

Reducing alcohol, coffee, refined sugars and all hot spicy heating foods as these substances all heat the liver up and help cause the PMS symptoms to occur. 

Warm nourishing foods like soups, stews and other foods that are simple and easily digested, cut down on cold, raw foods as these can slow your digestion down and your body will store them as fat. 

I find yoga helps as it moves the stagnation that we hold in our meridian system helping the liver and calming the mind. Meditation or some kind of art that takes your mind away from the mundane and fills your soul and heart with happiness also is great for soothing the liver.

Best Tabitha

Author: Tabitha Fennell
About: Acupuncturist and Director of Studio Qi
Tags: acupuncture fertility emotions energy estrogen

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