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Welcome to Studio Qi (pronounced "chee") your Gold Coast Acupuncture clinic in Burleigh Heads

Acupuncture Gold Coast 

We are Brad and Tabitha Fennell, the founders of Studio Qi located in Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast since 2000. We have personally experienced the amazing benefits of acupuncture, and are passionate about sharing with you the very best that acupuncture has to offer. As a couple we have spent our time implementing and developing the best techniques to ensure that you receive the very best acupuncture experience.

Safe, Qualified Acupuncture Care

We are qualified acupuncture practitioners registered with the peak acupuncture body AACMA, this is important because not all are. Our training and experience allows us to guarantee that your treatment will be both safe and effective.

Your acupuncture treatments will focus on what it is that you wish to achieve. We will communicate with you, which will simply allow you to make informed choices as you receive the best possible results. Often the simple changes that we facilitate and recommend will make an immediate and dramatic difference. 

We can work with you

Whether you are looking for acupuncture for fertility assistance, IVF, pregnancy, labour support, stress, anxiety, depression, PMS, menopause, skin conditions, weightloss, injury or pain management, as one of the busiest acupuncture clinics on the Gold Coast, we lead in experience, care and knowledge when it comes to dealing with your unique needs. Whatever your situation we can help you.

If you feel Acupuncture could be of benefit to you, or you're not quite sure how it may relate to you, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to delivering you the best Acupuncture the Gold Coast has to offer.

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Understand your fertility by understanding your fertile mucus

  Here at our Gold Coast acupuncture clinic we focus on fertility and IVF, and one of my favourite things to teach my clients about is their ever-changing vaginal mucus.
It is just so important to know if you get a lot of this mucus, a little or none.  For an Acupuncturist it tells us a lot about what is happening or not happe...

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