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Acupuncture is an ancient system of healing which has been used for centuries and is now recognised by the World Health Organisation (WHO), making it one of the oldest, most respected health care systems in the world. At Studio Qi we incorporate ancient knowledge with modern science to give us a better understanding of how to best treat your unique condition.

Our Gold Coast acupuncture treatments involve the insertion of fine needles into specific points over the body to encourage the body to heal itself through the movement of energy called Qi, (pronounced 'chee'). This stimulation alerts the body to its causes of disease and works to restore balance. The best part is that we take nothing and add nothing; the needles simply work to move the energy in the direction to promote healing. For the practitioners at Studio Qi to know which points to use, they follow the signals of your body in the form of symptoms, experiences and dreams. Needle techniques and facilitation methods of practitioners vary but you won't find our specific treatment style anywhere else.

At Studio Qi, our acupuncture treatments are focused on delivering you the results that you are looking for. This begins with us finding what your needs are and how best to accommodate them. This is why our first appointment is longer, so we can spend extra time finding out what it is that you are hoping to achieve. Acupuncture at Studio Qi is more than just needles and we hope to give you all that complementary medicine can offer.


Acufacilitation: Our advantage 

Acufacilitation is a technique unique at Studio Qi; you will find it nowhere else. Inspired by Acupuncture, Process Work, Taoism, Jungian psychology, dream work, myth, and signal awareness, Acufacilitation is a counselling approach that facilitates you to find your own answers.

Acufacilitation is rooted in the belief that your experiences have meaning and that by bringing awareness to these experiences will allow you to better understand your life and current circumstances. Experiences of ill health or emotional distress are usually occurring in the background of your life before they become a crisis. It is beneficial to pick up signals as early as possible.

Whether you choose Acufacilitation or Acupuncture, your treatment incorporates the values of our facilitation style. The core of Studio Qi is to follow you, and your needs, so as to design an approach that is tailored specifically to you.

Acufacilitation, while incorporating a counselling approach, realises that the use of acupuncture needles is crucial for you to get the most out of your experience.
When Brad was interviewed by Rebecca Davies on Nine Msn health she reported,

"Now, Acupuncture is being taken to a whole new level. A facilitator, as well as an Acupuncturist, Brad is in a position to help people understand their objectives in life and assist them in reaching them without taking a particular position in the discussion. Basically, he helps them achieve or realise something without dictating it to them."

We believe that Acufacilitation is an ancient approach that incorporates modern living to give you the best possible awareness tools for everyday living.


Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbal medicine has been used safely and effectively for thousands of years. At Studio Qi we incorporate the use of herbs to maximise the benefit of your treatment. Your prescription needs to be specific to your unique circumstances. At Studio Qi we will diagnose and prescribe the best herbal formula for you. Our training guarantees that your herbs are designed specifically for you rather than a one hit formula for everyone. All our herbs contain no animal products ensuring that your use of these are both safe effective and ethical to the environment and our fellow creatures as we use only plant based formulas.

We choose to prescribe you formulas that are simple and easy to take. You won't have to boil or cook, the benefit of capsules means there are no nasty tasting products that you can't take, ensures that you receive all the benefits without the pain.

Herbs have benefited and improved lives for thousands of years and are now the perfect aid to maximise your good health and enhance your life.

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