Life Changing Green Smoothies

Written on the 19 October 2014 by Brad & Tabitha Fennell

Green Smoothies
An easy way to energise and add loads of nutrients to your day!


The warmer months are a perfect time to add Green smoothies to your world. Everyday living can leave you a little toxic: feeling mildly sluggish and fatigued. In hotter times especially, you can become a tad overheated. Green smoothies are a perfect way to cool and clean your system and drop a few extra kilos on the way. They really are a fantastic way to clear your mind and keep your energy up. We have been doing them ourselves and have noticed a real difference.

So what are these green smoothie things? Green smoothies are made up of Green leafies. Green leafies are not something you can happily eat a lot of as they tend to be very bitter. They comprise of foods such as: baby spinach, tops of carrot and beetroot, coriander, mint, kale, spinach, celery tops, bok choy and silver beet to name a few. We tend to have high acid diets, so it's good to add green leafies to increase alkaline levels and restore balance.

So how do we get a lot of these in our diets? We blend them with fruit. Green leafs are loaded with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fibre and are easily broken down. They are in a simple protein chain and when blended it is easier for our body to absorb them. Meat on the other hand has a more complex protein chain and is harder to absorb.

All you need is 1 litre of green smoothies a day, breakfast and afternoon tea seems to work for us. Alternately you can have it for breaky and lunch, or sip it throughout the day at work (it will last for 24hrs in the fridge).
Organic greens have a higher vitamin/mineral level so check out your local organic farmers markets or good local health food store.

Some of our favourite green smoothie recipes

1. Kids special

It can be a little tricky to get kids excited about drinking green fruit drinks, but we have found this one a sure fire way to get them involved, our kids love this one. You can also use their favourite fruit and the baby spinach tends to be a good choice for kids due to its milder flavour.

- 1 Banana

- 1 Mango

- 1 handfull of baby spinach

- 2 sprigs of mint

- Cover with water

Adding lecithin makes it very creamy, only a table spoon is needed.


2. Choc lovers
This one is for those who like a little chocolate in their lives

- 1 Banana

- 1 dessertspoon of Cacao powder

- Handful of Greens

- 1 dessertspoon of Coconut oil

- 1 dessertspoon of Goji berries

- Water

Just play with the rations yourself, that way you can bring out the flavour that you like

3. A Little Tropical

- A good handful of greens

- 1 banana

- ½ mango or ½ cup pineapple

- Water

This is an easy one

4. A Little Bit Different

- ½ a Pomegranate

- 1 Banana

- ½ Pineapple

- 3 sprigs of Mint or more to your taste

- Water

The pineapple and mint are a great combination and pomegranate just adds a fantastic twist. Once again play with the ratios.

How to put a green smoothie together:

Add all ingredients to your blender and fill half way with water, blend till smooth (no stringy bits). No dairy needed as it ends up creamy due to the banana.
It is important to vary your greens each week and the recipe. You can play with various fruits and veggies or go online as there are heaps to choose from. Green smoothies are a simple and efficient way to boost your nutrient enzyme and fibre intake and benefit your health. 

Super Food additions for your cupboard that you can add to your smoothie!


Add one dessert spoon to each smoothie of below superfoods; except for spirulina one teaspoon.

1. Goji berries:
Good for your immunity, high in amino acids, richest source of carotenoids, powerful antioxidant action and loads more benefits. (Best to soak in water for half an hour before blending in smoothie)

2. Camu Camu Powder raw organic:
Nature's vitamin C. Great for your energy and vitality. Good for liver, lungs, sinuses, promotes a healthy heart and circulatory system.

3. Maca powder:
Energy, libido, strength and stamina, high in calcium balances hormones good for menopause, Pmt and fertility issues. (For the ladies if you're using it every day have it 3 weeks on and a week off over your period same for menopausal women)

4. Organic Spirulina:
Not for the faint of heart but once you get use to it you won't be without it in your life.
High in protein, vitamins and a mineral powerhouse. Packed with iron, vitamin B, Magnesium and trace minerals. Apart from mother's milk, it is the only whole food that contains Gama-linolenic acid.

5. Organic virgin coconut oil:
Great for your skin and one of the best known anti-candida foods. It's highly recommended for weight loss.

6. Cacao powder:
Chocs it up in a healthy chocolate way!!!
Anti-depressant properties and a supper anti-oxidant.

All the wonderful super foods do much, much more, Google to find a full list.

Ok, so there you have it. These are only the tip of the iceberg. That's enough to get you started, but remember these are guidelines to inspire. Come up with your own favourites and drop us an email so we can share them.
Also check out a guru of the green smooth phenomena Victoria Boutenko, she is sure to inspire and you'll find heaps more recipes.


Author:Brad & Tabitha Fennell

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