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New Mums Need to be Nurtured

Posted by Tabitha Fennell on 20 June 2023
New Mums Need to be Nurtured

We have a lot of pregnant ladies pass through our clinic, they come in for all pregnancy-related symptoms, plus the once a week treatment for four weeks before their birth.

But what about you the Mumma after you give birth?

We love meeting all the little cherubs and we get to have lots of cuddles and to also treat these new little treasures if things are not quite right. But at a certain point treating the new Mum is a must, why, because after birth the body can do with some extra balancing and with interrupted nights and producing milk the Mum can get a little run down and maybe even a tad stressed. Even if motherhood is a breeze for you, having a treatment is just great for the soul and helps reboot all your bodily systems.

Witnessing the fatigue wash away from their faces after they drift out the door from a session has inspired me to write this blog. More women need to know about how acupuncture can support them, knowing that they will have more energy and clarity to carry on being the mum they want to be, it makes total sense to me.

I believe from having three boys of my own, that creating regular time for yourself when you're a mother is the key to happy mothering. My biggest pass on learning to all Mums would be, "It doesn't have to be for long but it does need to have some regularity about it and something that nurtures you".

So how does it work... Acupuncture builds energy by creating flow between your organs, it does this by moving stagnation while building blood and Qi. When this happens your body relaxes and so does your mind creating more energy, calm and happiness.

If you're a Mum, think acupuncture.

Best Tabitha

Author:Tabitha Fennell
About: Acupuncturist and Director of Studio Qi
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