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Chinese herbs that deal with cough

Posted by Brad & Tabitha Fennell on 12 May 2020
Chinese herbs that deal with cough

If you have had a cold or a flu and the cough is hanging around then these herbs will help clear it.

The cough liquid is very effective for that cough that is dry and hacking as it is infused with Chinese herbs.

In Chinese medicine theory the lungs have been under attack by wind cold or heat while we have been sick. So the cough that won't go away is usually because the lung qi needs to be cleared or connected to the kidney energy that can be low due to being sick. Once we get the lung qi flowing the lungs can transform and transport the air and fluids more evenly by drying up the phlegm which will help disperse the cough. If it's a dry cough then building the lung qi can give moisture to them making the cough recede.

Chinese medicine is truly amazing, it could be just what your body is looking for. 


Author:Brad & Tabitha Fennell

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