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Come and Experience Tabitha's Coaching Style

Posted by Tabitha Fennell on 26 July 2022
Come and Experience Tabitha's Coaching Style

Hello SQ friends,

Today I'd love to share one of my coaching tools that I use in my coaching sessions, as it's a common one and once you see it and know how to deal with it, its very relieving and liberating for your health and relationships.

It's the inner critic, and it's usually a sneaky character and one that we often think is us but mark my words it isn't you, it's often been planted there inside of you sometime  in your youth and unfortunately it's been watered regularly. Often we don't even know this voice is not us.

Do you ever doubt yourself, feel like you're not good enough or just plan dumb well this can be the inner critic sitting on your shoulder? 

Until we realize that this is not us and have a conversation with this part of ourselves it can hold us back from achieving in life and reaching the joy and happiness that is innately ours.

This is what I love to unfold and I have a unique radar for critics (as yes I have lived with one or two over the years) so I know how to support you to have this conversation and guide  you over your edge to tell your critic where to go!!! Though in saying this some critics are there as they are worried for you and listening to them can be of service at times.

It's such a mind blowing realization to get the jewels that often critics hold for us, taking back our power to lead the life we are meant to. 

Online Zoom Bookings are available with me to do this life changing work from our SQ website or if you're a local we can organize a face to face at these times, just email me after you make the booking online.

Looking forward to working with you.


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