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Feel the tears of life

Posted by Brad Fennell on 12 April 2019
Feel the tears of life

So it's been a big couple of weeks, working out what the hells going on with multiple hospital visits. Not a massive surprise when your kids like to fly along the ground at a ridiculous speed, and try to make jumps that on that day weren't there for them to make. But it's all settled down and good progress on the healing road is being made. It's a broken leg and with time it will heal.

And now?

Well now there's a quiet moment when I can take it all in and have a look back and see what my dreams have to say.

So when it's all going down you have to be strong as you ruthlessly and do what needs to be done. There's no time for sympathy for yourself because this isn't about you it's about stepping into a role that requires you to hold the frame and I can do that and do that well.

And then I had a dream, a dream in which a woman I'm with has a few termites on her, they showered down as I clipped a part of our home. So I sort it out and spray her with some termite termination spray.  Except it makes her bleed, red streaks of tears appear just below her eyes and I then I know.

I know that strength is needed, the ruthlessness of the termite who knows who he is and what he has to do because that's his nature. But there's something in the back, something that is patiently waiting to.  It's the feminine in me that needs to feel vulnerability, it's more unknown but equally essential too. Sometimes my masculine can impact my feminine self with goal orientated solutions to the problems at hand, but a part of me is forgotten that needs to feel the tears of life that want to be felt too. Vulnerability is needed too, it is essential as well.

It's not that one is better than the other, just one is more hidden from view and now that the crisis is over it can be experienced.


Author:Brad Fennell

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