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Low libido, herbs and what you can do

Posted by Tabitha Fennell on 6 August 2018
Low libido, herbs and what you can do

At some stage in your life you may suffer from low libido and if so here are a few things that may help you.

These Chinese Herbs are great at building the Kidney Yang of your body because this is your base energy, it's where your passion comes from and your get up and go for life, plus your libido!  This Kidney Yang is used up through out our life and this is totally natural, but at times when certain things come along like giving birth, breast feeding, interrupted sleep for months on end, high stress for long periods of time, ill health and general burning the mid night candle will quickly decrease your energy along with your libido.

So if this is you then these herbs can help get your Kidney Yang back, however an immediate lifestyle change is drastically needed as well. So rest, don't over push yourself and taking time to drink clean water (2 liters a day) while eating nurturing foods. These foods need to be easily broken down like soup and stews, no raw food as this takes a lot of yang to digest. Chew really well and eat in a relaxed state, not on the go. Get support where you can like regular acupuncture, massage and things that embrace re-energizing you.

For any women who are struggling with their libido I encourage them to listen to my interview on Juliet Allen's pod cast Authentic Sex  as I talk about long term relationship and issues of low libido and what you can do straight from my own experience.  Another great source of information is our Turn on the Podcast where Brad and I talk all things about turning your life on like  Episode 9. There are some amazing simple techniques here that you can listen to and implement into your life straight away, gaining a fuller libido while obtaining higher energy levels.

Building Kidney Yang is a slower process than most people like but it can be done if your willing to change.

Some exciting news: I've just been asked to talk to a group of woman about these enhancing libido techniques that I use in my daily practice and I will be running more talks throughout the year, so if you're interested please email me your details so I can send you the information. There is so much more to understand and learn about why you have a low libido and there are many easy ways that can have an impact in opening you up so your life can be fuller, richer and way more turned on.   



Author: Tabitha Fennell
About: Acupuncturist and Director of Studio Qi
Tags: fatigue living breast feeding exhausted relationships lifestyle love

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