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Menopause and hormone change

Posted by Tabitha Fennell on 1 July 2020
Menopause and hormone change

When menopause happens there is a drop of Estrogen by 50%, Testosterone by 50% and Progesterone 70 to 90%.

So this happens as our ovaries stop producing eggs and then our adrenals help take over this production of hormones.

But if your adrenals have been over used through life then they wont work as efficiently and they will not produce these hormones in the right amounts. We don't need as high amounts of these anymore as we are not going to be having babies but we still need them and if we don't then the symptoms of hot flushes, reduced libido, dry vagina and skin, mood swings, weight gain, bone loss and atrophy of muscles will occur in varying degrees for each woman.

So what to do:

  1. Support your adrenals before MP and during. 
  2. Don't go on low fat diets as hormones are made of cholesterol so we need good fats in our diets to help produce these; so almonds, avocados, salmon,coconut oil etc are beneficial.
  3. Counter high cortisol as in MP; the adrenals will spike with cortisol in MP and this will cause many symptoms such as Osteopenia and osteoarthritis, atrophy of muscles, increased insulin so health keto can help this decreasing glucose that will trigger more insulin, cortisol will also effect your sleep pattern and keep you away at night especially from 2am which is Liver time in TCM.
  4. Increase Progesterone with Wild Yam cream and then you need to make up Estrogen. You can do this by eating cruciferous foods or take a supplement called DIM and sea kelp these all balance the three main estrogen's. The pituitary in MP decreases in vitamin E so its very important to increase this to support it and our bodies. So the best form of natural vitamin E is a tocopherol mix and one which has Tochotrenials which will support the pituitary and help decrease the many symptoms of MP.

A great video on all this information can be seen on Face Book  by a Dr Eric Berg he is a wealth of knowledge on all things menopause.

Try these things out and see how your body reacts and changes for a smoother transition into MP and beyond.

Best Tabitha


Author:Tabitha Fennell
About: Acupuncturist and Director of Studio Qi

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