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Motherhood & Fatigue

Posted by Tabitha Fennell on 7 April 2016
Motherhood & Fatigue

This fatigue can hit at any time during motherhood and when it does you will know, as it changes things about you that don't sit well on your usual happy shoulders. You feel bone tired, cranky, very short tempered, you could suffer headaches and feel achy in the neck, shoulders and back of legs. Nearly everywhere aches. You feel old and the happy monitor is low, you're not laughing as much, and the kids what ever they do, it drives you crazy.

Of course every woman has her own symptoms and degree of fatigue.

I found from my experience with two bubs under 2 years that it hit me when my second son started to crawl at six months old, though I think I felt it earlier with my first son, but I just pushed on. Not something I can recommend.

I see this sort of scenario happening around me at all stages of motherhood, so your not alone, if things are not feeling right for you reach out for help from your loved ones.

This fatigue can hit harder at certain times like when your baby starts to get teeth or gets sick with a cold, especially if there's restless, sleepless nights for you both and your bub is grumpy and clingy. Having a baby on your hip who only wants you for more than one day is draining and can certainly push you beyond.

So when this feeling comes on call out to family and friends plus asking questions like, how can I get a little bit of me time? Can a family member have bub for an hour or two so you can sleep or go for a stroll... And if you don't have that support around is it time for a day at Kindy?

This is the best question to ask yourself, "how can I get time out for me, so i can re-energize"?

I found I only needed an hour or two, to sit on the beach, answering to no one, gazing out peacefully which helped energized my soul. This on a regular basis helped my fatigue and my head-space, allowing my happiness to rise up, so I felt like me again.

It's hard to find this time I know especially if bub is clingy, but a happy, stable, healthy mum keeps the family unit sane.

Also watch out for that inner critic that may say "but I should be able to do this", "I'm such a bad mum", "why can't I cope like all those other mums or like Mary down the road". Try and address this voice as ignoring it only makes it yell harder. Do a journal, answering its questions ... but not in a justifying way, in a way that says "back off, I need time out and I'm worth it!!"

When you are in this state, just sitting on the beach or at a cafe is maybe all you need to do. Don't get busy or over exercise or exhaust yourself. Go for the chilled mind, relaxing things you love to do. Maybe a facial, a massage, some acupuncture, a movie; make it your treat and reward for being the awesome mum you are.

Don't resist this fatigue as it's your body's way of telling you, you need time out. Follow this always.

Best Tabitha

Author:Tabitha Fennell
About: Acupuncturist and Director of Studio Qi
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