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Path of Heart

Posted by Brad Fennell on 18 January 2018
Path of Heart
Path of Heart

What path have you walked and which one will you choose?

Hopefully you have been doing what you love, what you are called to, your path of heart.  If not, then this may be the year that you finally begin.

It's easy to get pulled into the way things were, to go immediately back into your default mode. It's not necessarily bad, it just may no longer work if in fact it ever really did.

Each morning awaken and connect fully to your "you" that "you" that you're more called to be, because rest assured your default mode sure wants to kick in, your morning practice may be just the thing keeping the default at bay.

Put all the force, focus and energy that you can spare into the genius you are, rather than the diluted safe one that sits on the fence sure not to offend.

But stay light and ensure humour remains on your path, it's a long journey and a true path of heart feels light and feels free, even when there's grind, because grind too is a part of our desire to be free.

Stay on your path and come back to your path, stay on your path and come back to your path and make 2018 the year that you became that little more free.

See you on your Path.



Author:Brad Fennell
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