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Resentment leads you into your shadow

Posted by Tabitha Fennell on 1 May 2019
Resentment leads you into your shadow

What Jordan Peterson said really got me excited as it allowed me to see how being resentful can actually lead me into my shadow self, to help me in life so I don't get stuck in resentment or other so called negative emotions. Our shadow is usually what we don't associate with who we are, it's usually something we think is bad or not who we want to be seen as in life. But finding the essence or picking up just a little bit of that shadow self can help us. So what does this quote mean? 

So let me try and unfold it from what I understood.

So you're a good person and you're always nice and respectable to other people and then along the path of life you don't get this reciprocated back to you and you start to feel resentful about it all.

So here is a little scenario to explain. You get home from a big day at work and you're feeling pissed as the boss never gives you any credit for all the overtime and great work you have been doing even though Johnny who never stays late gets all the accolade and positive feed back. You start to feel this just isn't right and you start thinking to yourself. "Well I'm going to say this and that and I'm going to do this and change that as they don't deserve my good work ethics".  You feel so resentful and angry.  The resentment builds and it leads you into your shadow self, the self that you don't want to be, because that's not who you are and your don't want to be like them. But what if this type of person is exactly what you need to integrate into your life so you don't get so resentful, hurt and pushed around, not the whole persona of that person but the essence of that person that doesn't let them get pushed around?

So what's the essence of resentment specific to you for you, how can it help you to pick up your dark side? Is it a strength to get more of what you need in life, to say NO at times or to ask for that over time to be paid for or to just not do it. Could it be, that you start being a little more ruthless around sharing your giving heart to everyone?

The clue here is when you feel resentful think about what you are doing and what kind of character or person do you need to pick up and become to stop you feeling resentful. You never  have to worry that you will fully turn into this sort of person as you are you, but this essence can actually protect and help you be more of what is needed in these tricky times in life.

Try it out see how it feels and how life and people change around you.

Get resentful for only the amount of time that is needed to understand who you need to be from your shadow self to change this.


Author:Tabitha Fennell
About: Acupuncturist and Director of Studio Qi
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