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Slowing Down Matters

Posted by Tabitha Fennell on 30 July 2018
Slowing Down Matters

Last semester was big for me 'you can tell I'm a school Mum'  because by the end of the semester I was a bit run down and tired. So this semester I'm taking on what I tell my clients into my own life on a permanent basis. So as I get back into the school routine it's all about slowing down, taking my time through my day, prioritizing my energy. A new form of self care.

So for now I'm not booking too much social time in during the week and I'm deliberately moving from task to task with an inner slowness and a no rush attitude. Being creative and doing those simple things I love are a daily event, like dancing (one track a morning), laying in the sun, meditation, acupuncture and generally slowing down to smell the roses where I can. Sounds blissful hey!

This is a new learning for me as I usually have my to do list each day and I whiz through it like a time lord not checking in to see how my energy is feeling or taking time to ponder, dream or feel the sun on my skin. Ringing any bells? 

I'm now trying my best to consciously live and when I feel buzzy or tight in my body I stop, breathe and then carry on slowly. It's actually feeling so good to stop and enjoy the simple things in my life, it's so amazing how I can still get that list done but in a present and healthier way.

I can feel my energy building and my state of mind is clearer. This is my third week and there has been times when I fall back into the rush, but not for very long as this now feels so unhealty.

So I'm sharing this story today to help support you if life is spinning on by and your health is suffering from this kind of lifestyle.

Here is your permission to test this way of being out; to rest, do more for you and give your body and mind time to stop, breathe and slow down.

Everything that needs to get done will get done and there is always tomorrow. 

Taking time to smell the roses, as my grandparents used to remind me, is go.

Best, Tabitha

Author:Tabitha Fennell
About: Acupuncturist and Director of Studio Qi
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