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Stress & the heart

Posted by Brad Fennell on 6 December 2017
Stress & the heart
Stress related to the heart... When we talk about the heart we talk about all the emotions, because all the emotions will eventually effect the heart. With the heart it's all about Yin and Yang. If there's not enough Yang, there's not enough fire in your body, there's not enough passion in your life. When there's not enough Yin, there's not enough foundation and things can get a little chaotic and insomnia can kick in. So when you're dealing with the heart it's all about balance, it's about working on the other emotions so you can really calm your system. It's about adding things in that help build the blood and that help support the foundation to aid sleep. Taking things out like coffee if anxiety is present. Bringing more joy into your life and doing things that you desire, that you are passionate about. Finding balance in your life will help with stress relating to the heart.
Author:Brad Fennell

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