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Stress: sadness & grief

Posted by Brad Fennell on 7 December 2017
Stress: sadness & grief
Stress related to sadness and grief... Grief is a natural response to not just someone passing that we love and care about but also the death of an idea, a situation or a dream. Ideally you want to process and move through this grief state, you need to process this stress and sometimes it locks in. It's interesting that often after funerals we see a lot of family members go down with lung type conditions such as colds and flu or even sinus congestion. So working on the lungs to strengthen them is really an important part of dealing with this stress and of course the first way to do that is through breathing, opening your lungs. But then also working on the grief, working on what is it that you've lost and how you need to find that in other ways more in your life. It's a tricky stress but it's one you need to identify and work with because sadness and grief long term will affect the lungs.
Author: Brad Fennell
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