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Stuck emotions

Posted by Tabitha Fennell on 16 February 2019
Stuck emotions

Stuck emotions... they show up in our face lines and they can wreak havoc for our internal organs in Chinese Medicine theory.

If you work on releasing the stuck emotions from your body then your facial lines can diminish, how great is that so natural and way good for your health.

In Chinese Medicine there are certain emotions which correspond to different organs and when they get stuck, it can cause these organs to work harder or less efficiently.

Here is the list, where does your stuckness sit?

  • Lungs - grief, sadness.
  • Heart - heart break, lack of enthusiasm, despair.
  • Liver - anger, frustration
  • Gall Bladder - resentment
  • Large Intestine - not letting go
  • Kidneys - fear, insecure.
  • Bladder - inflexible in life,
  • Stomach - worry, excess nervousness
  • Spleen - worry, over thinking, excess mental work.
  • Small intestine - discerning you from other things
Author:Tabitha Fennell
About: Acupuncturist and Director of Studio Qi

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