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The 5:2 Diet

Posted by Brad Fennell on 28 February 2014
The 5:2 Diet

So, what is it?

The 5:2 diet is an eating program in which you eat your normal calorie intake 5 days a week and restrict it 2 days a week to a quarter of your normal, down to 500 calories.


People do it for all sorts of reasons e.g. weight loss, but studies show that it improves cholesterol level, blood pressure and insulin sensitivity. But we also know that eating less, in a healthy way, is also a great longevity technique. So we decided to give it a go as well.

Our experience

So for us, sure we could shed a few kilos, which we have, which is great for my rock climbing (every gram counts when you’re carrying it on you fingers) so that’s great, but the main thing that I have learnt is how to actually eat a little less. I read a quote a few years back that stuck with me “food isn’t entertainment”. Now I don’t completely agree with this as I have had some wonderful experiences with food, but just running to the fridge because I’m bored isn’t always the best option.

For most of us we don’t need as much food as we think and here’s the counter intuitive part; when you eat less you have more energy. You just do, your body can focus on other things other than just digesting.

This diet teaches you how to eat less and that you are ok not being stuffed to the brim. And if you eat loads of fruit and vegetables you can still pack the food in. It’s amazing how much you can eat with a zucchini coming in at about 8 calories. And tomorrow you can eat whatever you like, though chances are you won’t.

Anyway, there it is, give it a go if it seems right for you and you want to jump into a lighter life.
Wishing you more energy, Brad


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