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Welcome to Autumn

Posted by Paige Waters on 1 March 2014
Welcome to Autumn.

Change is wonderful! A new season, a new energy and new adventures are all in store!

I really think that Autumn is the most over looked season of the year. We associate summer with fun, holidays, the beach and relaxation, Winter with hot chocolates, fireplaces and hot baths and Spring with new growth, fertility and birth. But what do we associated with Autumn?

Autumn represents a new start. It is a time to let go of negativity. Leaves turn brown and drop, ready for new green growth. The Lungs and Large Intestine are the organs with the most abundant energy in this season. The Large Intestine is literally responsible for eliminating waste from the body and the Lungs are filters for the positive and pure energy that we breath into our bodies.

This season is a great time to get rid of possessions you don’t need, let go of resentment and jealousy, resolve issues or learn to let them go.

And don’t forget to......breathe


Author:Paige Waters
About: Acupuncturist

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