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Background Pleasure Practice

Posted by Tabitha Fennell on 6 May 2020
Background Pleasure Practice


This is a practice of being present in your body and deeply feeling into the simple things in your life that bring you joy and pleasure.

I learnt this practice from Michaela Boehm, an amazing woman who is so talented in the tantra World, relationships, womens business and so much more.

Like the first feeling of when you awake, you feel your body in the warmth of your bed ahhhh or the first sight of your beloveds face Ohhhhh! You can stop for a second and breathe these feelings into your heart and breasts, taking your time to flow that feeling via your breath all the way down to your Yoni and then throughout the rest of your body.
Really feeling how these simple things make you feel and holding them in your body for a moment to really connect and savour this feeling is your new practice.
Taking those few seconds regularly throughout your day to feel into how these feelings feel in your heart and how it feels in different areas of your body is the key. Don't get caught up that you can't feel it here or there, just go with where you can feel it and how it makes your body feel. You may notice that these feelings give you shivers or warmth, they could make you smile and laugh, relish in this.

When this is done throughout your day it will stoke the fire of your libido, your Kidney Yang where your passion is held. This practice is like adding tiny sticks to a smoldering fire and as more sticks are placed on, it will gently start to smolder and burn hot.
It sounds simple I know and that's how it is meant to feel, so the trick is remembering to do this throughout your day when life is showing you things that give you pleasure and happiness.
Stop and let the feelings flood your whole body.

If your libido and general energy is low this needs to be done at least 4 to 20 times a day until you feel your sensualness build. 
As you get used to doing this it will become a natural thing for you to do throughout your day.
If life gets in the way and you stop doing this exercise you will soon notice something is missing and you will start up again real quick I will assure you.
This exercise is important to do if you want to find out how to turn your life on again, to feel alive and sensual. If you have a low or average libido, or if you're feeling stressed, consumed and tired then this practice will make amazing changes for you but you must be consistent. As like anything if you don't use it, you will lose it.
It will enhance your life in general making you smile while bringing out that sensual sexy woman that you have always been.
I recommend doing this practice the day before and the day of a date night or sex date so the transition from motherhood or work to sexual being won't be so far away, making it an easier switch for you. It will be like adding just one extra spark and you will have a bonfire lighting you up!!!

This is what you do for a Back Ground Pleasure Practice:

  • You wake up you feel the sheets across your body and it feels so warm and yummy take a minute to stop and breathe it into your heart and your breasts then down to your Yoni and out through your 4 limbs. See how this makes you feel, breathe and let it linger in your body.
  • You get up, you have a shower, feel how the cold or warmth feels on your skin, really stop and focus on how exhilarating it feels and breathe this feeling through your body take it in feel the aliveness stir within you.
  • At first you may have to exaggerate these feelings for a little longer to allow you to feel it fully, that's just natural as you may have been shutting down your senses for a while.
  • Anything that stands out to you throughout the day is a flirt (something that is trying to get your attention) so take notice of these things and stop, take a few seconds become present and in contact with your body and how that thing or person makes you feel.
  • Repeat this throughout your day as often as you like: this can be done at work, if you're at home all day with the kids, basically anywhere, no one needs to know you are doing this practice except you.
  • Repeat, repeat, repeat. Feel, feel, feel, stoke that fire and watch your passion and life awaken.
  • Do this daily for a month and see what changes in your relationship to yourself and to your relationship around your energy, libido, sex and your sensuality.




Author:Tabitha Fennell
About: Acupuncturist and Director of Studio Qi
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