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Connect to your Womb Energy

Posted by Tabitha Fennell on 28 February 2019
Connect to your Womb Energy

I've been connecting to the energy and power of my womb every day and have found it very grounding, calming and energizing for me.

And with this knowledge I've been encouraging my women clients to do the same when they have an acupuncture session, and it seems to evoke an even more powerful session for them.

So you might be thinking WHY? Well the womb is the source of our power, it's our wisdom, our femininity and our intuition.

For myself it anchors me to a place in my body that holds such joy, having had the privilege to grow and birth three children there. I've also enjoyed the process of my moon cycle and how it affects me and how I can use womb energy to guide me in life.

Try it out, take a minute or two several times a day to connect with your womb and see what lies there. If your womb has been taken out you can still connect, the energy of your womb will always remain with you.

So all you need to do is consciously feel into your womb, connect and listen every day and see how this womb energy can benefit you on your journey. You will be amazed!

Often the only time we connect to our womb is when we have our period (which can be so painful) or trying to fall pregnant or when we are carrying a child, when our cycle changes or menopause but even then do we really check in with our power and wisdom that lays there waiting to guide us?

Let's face it, wombs are a universe of their own.... who wouldn't want to be connected to that.

Brad and I discuss this more in Episode 44 of Turn On the Podcast "The Womb, The Universe and Sex", click here to listen.


Author:Tabitha Fennell
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