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Menopause & Perimenopause

Posted by Tabitha Fennell on 15 June 2022
Menopause & Perimenopause

This time in a woman's life is huge and full of change that can take its toll on our patience and soul, but rest assured there is support to guide us through this ever-changing time.

I think the first thing we can do is get educated about what our body is going through because It is a time when our hormonal system is changing. It's changing from the system we have used since our first period to a new one. It's a miracle! So if you don't understand what change a Peri-Menopause or Menopausal body is going through I suggest you get reading. Dr Christiane Northrup is an amazing woman who explains this process and why we get these unusual symptoms. It blew my mind making me feel so empowered at how amazing our clever body is.

Then the second most important is processing the emotions that pop up through this time. We can experience past emotional events that you may have swept under the carpet over the years which can be confronting, so exploring those areas is a must so you can move forward. It's also a time to analyse all of our relationships to see if these really work and support us anymore. This can be tricky as it's often the ones closest to us that don't want us to change. I'm sure a few springs to mind!!

Thirdly know that this is all so so normal and it's our birthright as women to change through this amazing and at times confronting process.

As women, it's our right to shed this old us and move into the new. So get support emotionally and physically, eat clean, exercise to move the Liver Qi, and laugh at the joy of living. (Crying and stamping your feet too)

If you're stuck in this area and would like some guidance and clarity then my One On One Coaching Sessions can be awesome support by awakening you to who it is you're changing into.

Tabitha's Coaching times please see our website and email us for your time.

Testimonial from Sarah: "Working with Tabitha during MP has helped me see where I need to evaluate some of my relationships and looking at why I was feeling so angry helped me to change where I put myself on the list of my priorities. Her knowledge around foods and how they can upset or nurture me around this time also helped cool my hot flushes."

See you in clinic for some support, as I know Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs have certainly been a friend to me during this interesting journey.

Much Joy




Author:Tabitha Fennell
About: Acupuncturist and Director of Studio Qi
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