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Mens Vitamins

Posted by Tabitha Fennell on 24 May 2019
Mens Vitamins

It's so helpful to take a good quality Mens Vitamin and a Magnesium powder for the general well being and stress of a mans life.

Why? Because most of our foods don't have high enough quantities of these vitamins and minerals to sustain us. When your busy, stressed or sick, having these are essential to keeping you well and energized.

Men are very good at pushing through low energy to get what they need done but in the long run this doesn't work and the cracks begin to show.

So if you're feeling low in energy, a bit grumpy and aching then these two formula's together can really make a big difference to these symptoms.



Author:Tabitha Fennell
About: Acupuncturist and Director of Studio Qi
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