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Stress: anger & frustration

Posted by Brad Fennell on 17 November 2017
Stress: anger & frustration
Frustration and anger is a liver related stress. This could mean that it's a situation that makes you frustrated and angry because it's that type of situation or it could be an internal liver issue. It's the way your body deals with the stress. Movement is a great way to deal with this type of stress because it's a stagnation, exercise is the key as it creates free flow. Also remove alcohol, spices, chilli and coffee from your diet, anything that heats the body. The liver runs hot and this heat comes up and makes you feel frustrated so keep your water levels up. With anger and frustration related stress, move and create free flow in your life. Do creative things, do expressive things, move your qi and that's how you deal with this type of stress.
Author: Brad Fennell
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