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Stress is a disruptor

Posted by Tabitha Fennell on 21 December 2017
Stress is a disruptor

So how is stress disrupting your life?

This is the question to ask yourself and we ask this question to find out the why, why are you stressed, what is this stress trying to tell you?

Then we can see stress as a jewel, something that is giving us a huge nudge to stop, or to be more of something to ourselves.

Knowing the why, will give us our power back so we can release the stressors of life, understanding how to deal with it will stop it in its tracks.

Things like...

Stop putting up with that kind of behaviour...say no more often.

Stop living that way...it's making you crazy.

Stop being that sort of person...who does too much and leaves you till last.

Be less worried about what people think...put yourself first.

Be gentle on yourself...take time out even though it's such a busy time.

Be honest with yourself...does this serve me?

What is your jewel, your mantra that the body is calling you to stop or be?

My stress is like: "oh here comes the silly season there is so much to do, I can feel my neck and shoulders are tight and a sneaky headache is building, I'm not smiling or laughing enough. I'm tired and it's only 9am"

My Mantra: "it's December, a fun and joyous time for reflecting on what has been and what 2017 has given me. Stop, be, reflect, relax and breathe. I have enough time. Feel my heart settle, the breath is relaxing my muscles and mind. This state feeds my body and soul. Amen"

Biggest tip: Don't give up the passions and hobbies or friends or your support therapies at this time of year. The key here is support and these things do this, the rest can wait, you will get there soon.

Best, Tabitha


Author:Tabitha Fennell
About: Acupuncturist and Director of Studio Qi
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