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The Inside of You

Posted by Brad Fennell on 1 February 2018
The Inside of You

Do you ever catch yourself in a situation where you're acting or responding in a way that you know just isn't you, not completely that is, that it's you looking for external love and approval? And how much of what you're doing is predicated on it? How much of what you do is for the approval of others, and the hope that they'll tell you that you finally got it right?

If it resonates you are not alone.

And I don't think it's all bad. I mean it, it can serve you. Sometimes it can be just what we need, what the situation needs unless it's not.

Maybe we wouldn't worry so much about how we're perceived, that being a little grating to others wouldn't matter so much if we didn't need so much in return, if we found what we were looking for in a different kind of way, if we found what we were looking for in ourselves. Because most of the time, when we go outside to find the love we think we need, and it doesn't appear, we end up taking whatever we can, which is often a fraction of what we really need.

What would change if you got it all, all of it, everything, filled from the inside of you. Now I don't think that this is necessarily the way that it always has to work, but sometimes it's fun to swim to the other bank and explore what's there. To go all the way and see what it's like on that other side.

So try it, just for a moment. Imagine everything that you need, everything that you think you need to feed you: love, praise, reassurance, whatever it is. Imagine you already had it, that you were complete, and that it all existed inside of you. Try it, if it doesn't work you can always swim back.

How would you be, how would you relate, how would you connect or not connect? What would you give when suddenly you had an abundance to draw upon, to share with the world. Who are you when you don't need external approval or permission from anyone?

There's a risk that's involved, that you won't always be liked, but the trade off is that you get to be you. That's the gift, the gift you get when your fullness comes from you. YOU GET TO BE YOU! And that my friends is exactly what you are here to do and who you are here to be.


Author: Brad Fennell
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