4 October 2019

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Are you being a Phantom?

by Brad Fennell
We become phantoms when we get caught in our patterns and our unconscious ways when we become a victim to life itself. Now, I'm not saying bad things don't happen, bad things happen to all of us, but as much as possible you want to become aware of your life, become aware of your patte...

6 September 2019

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Audio Value

by Tabitha Fennell
Instead of music I love a good audio to listen to and that can be from my favourite pod cast to an audio book. This one I'm recommending today is one of my favourite authors, seers, elder, wild, sexy and life giving wise woman Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estes. She eloquently unravels the myste...

17 November 2018

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Tabitha Talks

by Tabitha Fennell
Tabitha talk done yesterday in a beautiful intimate setting with a group of woman who are interested in their sensuality, relationships, sex and parenting.
I Love the conversations it sparks and the moments when what I say turns a light on within.
Thank you Karen Steeles Hammond ...

7 August 2018

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Exploring all of who we are

by Tabitha Fennell
Exploring all of who we are is the fun part of being a woman and the crazy wild feminine can help us do this. Listen to our TURN ON the Podcast - Episode 2 to find out and understand this aspect in us all and how we can work with her to unfold our true nature. Best, Tabitha ...

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