7 May 2020

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Menopause the Maiden and Mother

by Tabitha Fennell
A few moons ago at the week long Shamanic Womb Retreat I attended  Janine Ma-Ree taught us that menopause is a time of dissolving, dissolving things that are not you anymore. Such as relationships or career, basically anything that doesn't serve you anymore. So this can be confrontin...

4 October 2019

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Are you being a Phantom?

by Brad Fennell
We become phantoms when we get caught in our patterns and our unconscious ways when we become a victim to life itself. Now, I'm not saying bad things don't happen, bad things happen to all of us, but as much as possible you want to become aware of your life, become aware of your patte...

7 February 2019

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It begins tonight! Secret Men's Business Workshop

by Brad Fennell
It begins tonight! Secret Men's Business! We only have a few spots left so grab your ticket now! Come join us and discover your purpose, grow your relationship, get out of the mundane and do what it is that you are really here to do. Can' wait! Brad...

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