24 February 2019

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Erotic friction for higher libido

by Tabitha Fennell
Erotic Friction is something that we need to have between us to help our libido build and stay active. Long term relationships usually need help around this and here is why. So in relationships we usually have a lot of sameness, we love the same food, the places we holiday, our ge...

19 February 2019

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Awesome feedback from our first Turn On Your Relationship Workshop

by Tabitha Fennell
Loving the great feedback we received from our first "Turn On Your Relationship" workshop!

If you're keen to come to our next one, grab your tickets now and get the early bird rate!

17 February 2019

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Turn On Your Relationship Workshop

by Brad & Tabitha Fennell
Join us for this Gold Coast event on 23rd March 2019 where we will show you how to turn on your relationship, your sex life and your purpose together. In this workshop we will teach you how to grow well beyond the early honeymoon phase. This workshop is for couples or individuals in a relatio...

7 February 2019

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It begins tonight! Secret Men's Business Workshop

by Brad Fennell
It begins tonight! Secret Men's Business! We only have a few spots left so grab your ticket now! Come join us and discover your purpose, grow your relationship, get out of the mundane and do what it is that you are really here to do. Can' wait! Brad...

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