22 July 2019

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Motherhood Tips

by Tabitha Fennell
It's so easy to get into the trap of doing and being everything as a mum. Of course we can do it all but does it drain us or enhance our life? I have learned that mothering goes better if we put ourselves first and truly look at what we need to be the best mum for our kids. I ...

10 June 2019

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Our herbal Fertility Combo

by Tabitha Fennell
In TCM we always make an individual case assessment to what we believe your symptoms are telling us. Then we can describe the most compatible herbs for you for the best results. If you're looking to build your system for an up coming pregnancy, then we have the herbs and suggest li...

13 May 2019

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Your Birth Story

by Tabitha Fennell
For all our Studio Qi Mums that have given birth, i'd like you to think about this. Think about your birth and then write down what you learnt from it, in all the detail you can. Think about the main thing it taught you about yourself in this process, then apply this learning to how yo...

29 April 2019

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Let acupuncture unwind you

by Tabitha Fennell
Sometimes we find it hard to drop out of our everyday reality into a more relaxed state. That's where acupuncture can guide your body back to balance and quieten the mind. It's a very beautiful and supportive state for us to be held in. Best Tabitha   ...

4 March 2019

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Over Mothering, is this you?

by Tabitha Fennell
Now this is something that I see a lot and I think I see it because I can tend to over mother... It's such a natural thing for us Mums to do, to over mother and to give all of ourselves to our children but the flip here is knowing when the mothering is taking away from you as a person....

19 February 2019

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Awesome feedback from our first Turn On Your Relationship Workshop

by Tabitha Fennell
Loving the great feedback we received from our first "Turn On Your Relationship" workshop!

If you're keen to come to our next one, grab your tickets now and get the early bird rate!

13 February 2019

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Do you take Naps?

by Tabitha Fennell
Naps in Chinese Medicine are a sign of managing our Jing, Pre Jing is how we explain our energy source that we were born with. When this runs out we die, but luckily there are lifestyle choices we can make to build our postnatal Jing which can give us extra years. And how cool is it that naps ...

4 February 2019

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Two main qualities for happy long term relationships

by Tabitha Fennell
I love how the simple things of human nature matter most to the ones we love. They also said that the generosity and kindness were also a simple regular everyday occurrence, like making a cuppa without asking because you know they would like one or a hug and a compliment just because you c...

23 January 2019

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Facial diagnosis for the Lungs

by Tabitha Fennell
The Lung Qi is seen in the cheek area and in the quality of the skin, if there are many wrinkles the lungs are not healthy. Chinese facial diagnosis is so interesting and they believe if you work on processing your stuck emotion that is connected with each organ that your wrinkles will fad...

15 January 2019

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Slow down mantra

by Tabitha Fennell
My New Year's Mantra is... Slow down and breathe pretty lady. What's yours? If you don't know how to slow down then come and see us, we are the best slow down modality around. Chinese Medicine, it's only been around for about 3,000 years, so it's gotta know...

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21st December

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18th December

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30th October

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We are back!

3rd October

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2nd October

Menopausal time line

1st October

Recommending Acupuncture and Chinese herbs for Menopause

29th September

Apprehension before giving birth... it's real and normal

18th September

Why stress, unexplained palpitations and anxiety happen at perimenopause time

4th September

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6th August






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Green Smoothies
An easy way to energise and add loads of nutrients to your day!   The warmer months are a perfect time to add Green smoothies to your world. Everyday living can leave you a little toxic: feeling mildly sluggish and fatigued. In hotter times especially, you can become a tad overheated. Green smoothies are a perfe...

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