10 February 2020

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Ovulation doesn't always happen on day 14

by Tabitha Fennell
Ovulation is usually around day 14 and I say this loosely as it can come earlier or later depending on how your month has been. Sometimes if you've been overly stressed or sick it can disrupt your hormones making ovulation come early or later.  If you have come off the pill it can ta...

20 October 2019

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Growth and How Support Helps

by Studio Qi
I was thinking about how this year is going today and all the things that have already crossed my past. I had lots to think about as it has been a big juicy year so far and I saw how change was a reoccurring theme in so many areas of my life this year. This got me curious about how we deal ...

3 August 2019

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Chinese Herbs for menopause

by Tabitha Fennell
There are several Chinese herbal formulas for all the stages of menopause, so it's very important to consult your practitioner for a full diagnosis to see which one suits you. We have this skill here at Studio Qi so please come and see us to get you supported and on track. Best Tab...

29 July 2019

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Qi Gong and TCM Medicine for Menopause

by Tabitha Fennell
In TCM we call menopause "The Second Spring", which has a very positive feel to it I think.  It's called the second spring because we are heading into a stage of life where everything is changing and dissolving. I think this article goes into great depth about how di...

27 July 2019

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Herbs for Constipation

by Tabitha Fennell
These herbs are amazing at getting the bowel to move without giving you explosive diarrhea like some laxatives can. They actually get the peristaltic action of the bowel happening which helps with the movement and because they are herbs the fibre bulks out the bowel helping the movement and he...

14 May 2019

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Build your immunity before the Cold arrives.

by Tabitha Fennell
If you know you suffer with low immunity when the cold season begins then be prepared.  These 2 herbs are a fabulous combination to build immunity and ward off the Cold & Flu. Add in modalities that you know will help build your lungs and immunity regularly, rest more. Keeping you...

16 March 2019

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Menopause = Self Love

by Tabitha Fennell
Menopause is a time of shifting sands in our life, change. It's a time when our body outwardly and inwardly changes, it does and doesn't do what it used to do. How do we deal with this? This is the question I have been asking myself. I'm coming up to 49 this April and m...

7 March 2019

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We stock Metagenics

by Tabitha Fennell
We stock our most loved practitioner brand Metagenics here at Studio Qi. They are such an amazing product with so much research put into providing the best product they can to help build health within the body for a variety of complaints. Brad and I have used this brand personally for ...

7 February 2019

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How Diabetes shows on the Face

by Tabitha Fennell
Purple each side of the eyes near the nose bridge. There will be purple across the bridge if diabetes is untreated. (The nose bridge is the area of the nose between the eyes) I love how in Chinese Facial Diagnosis it gives us a direct read out to what is going on in our internal organs...

5 February 2019

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Constipation; Where it is seen on the face.

by Tabitha Fennell
Lower puffy lip is seen as someone with constipation. So here's the thing, you are classed as constipated if you don't go once a day and here are some ways to combat this: 1. Exercise each day, you must move to get that bowel massaged and moving, so walking, swimming, yoga or a...

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30th October

Cold, hot, rain, muggy... Stay warm

29th October

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Atmosphere and comfy clinic beds

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Green Smoothies
An easy way to energise and add loads of nutrients to your day!   The warmer months are a perfect time to add Green smoothies to your world. Everyday living can leave you a little toxic: feeling mildly sluggish and fatigued. In hotter times especially, you can become a tad overheated. Green smoothies are a perfe...

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